Bask Aerospace Rent-to-Buy & shelf stock Bird Scaring Drones ready to go

Bird scaring drone solution

Bask Aerospace can service customers when you need it most. The company has invested in additional stock of rental fleet systems and shelf stock of Avian Scout Bird Scaring Drones so they are ready to protect your crops this summer. The first round of rental systems are already in use by customers. Shelf stock of […]

Drones rival nets for crop protection

Drone guarding vineyard

Loss of production from bird damage is a major problem – we all know this. The NSW Government estimates crop damage from birds amounts to nearly $300 million annually. With more than 60 species of birds known to damage crops, protecting your yield from birds can become an onerous task and lead to significant costs […]

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries – CASA Survey

CASA Survey of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) use in the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Industry The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) are interested in the current and potential uses of RPAS technologies (typically referred to as drones) in Australian agriculture. This study will inform CASA’s understanding of RPAS use in agriculture and how it […]