Screecher Mk1 - Operation’s Manual

1.Saftey and Product Maintenance

Please read these instructions before using this product.

  1. This pest repelling product is environmentally friendly, safe and non harmful to pest and pets.
  2. Do not restrict airflow around the device.
  3. Do not position behind other objects. For best effect position in open space areas.
  4. Do not attempt to open the device beyond its functional use.
  5. This product is not a toy. Do not hold up to your ears with either the ultrasonic or sonic sounds activated .
  6. Check all cables used to connect the device for cracks or damaged insulation. Do not use the device in case of defects or serious damage.
  7. If repairs are required, original replacement parts should be used exclusively in order to avoid serious damage. Repairs or other work may only be carried out by authorised personnel. Please contact us for warranty information and/or claims.
  8. Please consider other people and their privacy and peaceful enjoyment of property before using the security alarm/ harassment sound and strobe light.
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