AeroLink WiFi – User Manual

Table of Contents
  • Introduction

    The AeroLink series is the longest-running product line by Bask Aerospace. The AeroLink:WiFi is the latest addition to the product line, offering an alternative to conventional radio modems that are fitted into most drone systems.

    Reading this Manual

    To make reading this manual easier, we have included several different coloured callouts to highlight essential information, safety warnings, tips and tricks.

  • Regulations

    Most countries have regulations in place that govern the use of different radio frequencies. It is up to the user to ensure that they are operating within their local restriction.

    For more information regarding the use of radio equipment in your area, please contact your local authorities.

  • Overview

    Designed for short-range operations and wireless connectivity back to the operator, the AeroLink:WiFi is a Plug-n-Play modem that automatically connects to your Ground Control station.

    Utilising a Wi-Fi connection instead of radio, is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. This small factor modem allows for quick parameter updates and testing indoors without interference.


    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Strong usability for new users
    • Ability to connect to any Wi-Fi compatible device, any operating system
    • Secure system: Rename your network and set password
    • Allows multiple systems in a single area without confusion


    1 x AeroLink:WiFi
    1 x JST-GH 150mm Cable
    1 x Adhesive Pad

    WiFi Break Down

  • Quick Start

    Device Set Up

    On your Ground Control Station device (PC, Tablet, Phone) download your preferred Control Software.

    We recommend and support QGround Control for the AeroLink Wifi. You can find the download here.

    Please Note: Other software can be used but is up to the user to assess integration.

    Vehicle Set Up

    1. With the vehicle powered off, use the JST-GH cable to connect your AeroLink:WiFi to an empty Serial port on your flight controller/autopilot.
    2. Set parameters on your preferred Control Software:
      • If connecting to Serial1/Telem1, then use the parameters listed below.
      • If connecting to an alternative Serial port, then replace “1” with the number of the desired port.

      Parameter Setup

      Parameter nameValue
      SERIAL1_PROTOCOL2 (MAVLink2) or 1 (MAVLink1)
      SERIAL1_BAUD921 (921600 baud)

      If there are problems connecting, set BRD_SER1_RTSCTR = 0 to disable flow control. This is not usually required for most setups.

    3. Reboot the vehicle to confirm changes.

    Connecting to the AeroLink:WiFi

    You can connect to the AeroLink:WiFi the same way you would to any Wi-Fi network.

    • Default SSID: AeroLink
    • Default Password:  aerolink


    1. Set up your vehicle and Ground Control Station
    2. Power on your vehicle
    3. Power on your Ground Control Station device
    4. Go to ‘Wifi Settings’ on your Ground Control Station deviceConnecting to the Wifi
    5. Select the “AeroLink” network. The default password is “aerolink”
      Connecting to WiFi 2
    6. Open the Control Software when connected
    7. If using QGround Control, the system will automatically recognise and connect to the vehicle directly.

    Changing the WiFi SSID and Password

    1. Connect your PC to the AeroLink:WiFi
      • Default SSID: AeroLink
      • Default Password: aerolink
    2. Open your browser and search for to open the Aerolink:WiFi Portal
      Changing WiFi Details 1
    3. Click on the ‘Setup’ tab. Set the SSID and Password (between 8 and 16 characters) and save
      Changing WiFi Details 2
      Changing WiFi Details 3
    4. Reboot the Aerolink:WiFi