Aerolink Base – User Manual

Table of Contents
  • Introduction

    The AeroLink Base provides a robust telemetry setup for your in field ground control station with fast deployment and a reliable connection to your vehicle with a RFDesigns modem.

    Its ability to neatly contain and protect your telemetry set up for the harmful weather conditions makes the AeroLink Base perfect for all situations.

    Reading this Manual

    To make reading this manual easier, we have included several different coloured callouts to highlight essential information, safety warnings, tips and tricks.

  • Regulations

    Most countries have regulations in place that govern the use of different radio frequencies. It is up to the user to ensure that they are operating within their local restriction.

    For more information regarding the use of radio equipment in your area, please contact your local authorities.

  • Overview

    The AeroLink Base had been designed to provide a secure housing for the ever reliable RFD modems, while eliminating the need to carry specialist items (such as the FTDI cables). The user is able to use a standard Micro USB cable for direct and simple connection to your Ground Control Station (GCS).

    The AeroLink Base is compatible with the RFD+ and RFDx modems, with the ability to change between modems. This provides native integration with the user’s existing modems and any future upgrades. This unit has the option of including your choice of modem at purchase.

    The AeroLink Base is suitable for applications where Vehicle-to-GCS, GCS-to-GCS, or other situations where a wireless serial link is required.

    It is ideal for users of all experience levels.

    Compatible with:

    • RFD868+
    • RFD868X
    • RFD900+
    • RFD900X
    • Similar alternatives


    1 x AeroLink Base Housing Unit
    2 x 900mHz Dipole Antennas
    1 x 1m Micro USB Cable
    2 x long enclosure screws
    1 x M3x10 modem retaining screw

    AeroLink Base - Full System


    1 x Your chosen modem

  • Quick Start Guide

    System Assembly

    Installing the Modem

    If not purchased pre-installed!
    1. Open enclosureInstalling the modem step 1
    2. Connect Antenna Cables as shownInstalling the modem - step 2
    3. Slide modem onto header with heatsink facing up and secure with the M3x10mm screwInstalling the modem step 3
    4. Check antenna cables are secure and not putting pressure on the front of the modem
    5. Close enclosure and secure with two screws on the underside

    Install Antennas

    You MUST do this every time BEFORE connecting the Micro USB cable to your AeroLink Base!

    Fasten both antennas firmly (by hand) onto the threads at the side/top of the AeroLink Base. Over-tightening may damage the antennas or AeroLink Base unit.

    Connect USB Cable

    Insert the USB cable into the Micro USB connector on the front face of the AeroLink Base.

    Connect the other end of the USB cable to your chosen GCS device.

  • Connecting to your Ground Control Station

    What is a GCS?

    The Ground Control Station (GCS) is a device (eg laptop, tablet) with software that allows the user to connect with their drone while in use. GCS provides the operator with live data from the drone, and gives them system parameters and plan automated mission.

    Mission Planner

    Mission Planner is our recommended GCS software for experienced users. It is function rich with easy access to information and edit settings. Ignore this section if you have a different preferred software.
    1. Open Mission Planner on your selected device.
    2. In the top right hand corner of the screen you will have 2 drop down menus. One lists a range of available connection types and the other shows different baud rates.Mission control setup 1
    3. Connect the AeroLink Base using the USB cable. A new COM number will appear in the connection types dropdown menu. Select this number. (In this example COM23 is the new number.)Mission control setup 2
    4. When your COM number is selected the system should automatically update your baud rate to 57600. If is does not update, use the right dropdown menu to select 57600.Mission control setup 3
    5. Power On your vehicle, then select the “Connect” button in the top right corner of the screen.
    As always, when connecting to your vehicle via telemetry, it is best to have at least 5-10m between the vehicle and the GCS.