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Pixhawk2 Digital Airspeed Sensor Kit

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This is the complete Digital Airspeed Sensor Kit for use with Pixhawk2 (Cube Autopilot). The sensor features a JST-GH connector and 3.3v I2C logic. Everything you need to get accurate digital airspeed readings comes with this kit. It now also includes a red pitot protector that slides over the front of the pitot tube to protect it from dirt and debris. You can also use the protector to shield the pitot tube from airflow when calibrating the sensor.


  • Pixhawk2 Digital Airspeed Sensor
  • Pitot Tube
  • Pitot Protector NEW
  • Silicone Tube
  • 15cm 4pin JST-GH Cable
  • Measurement Specialties 4525DO Pressure Sensor
  • 1psi Measurement Range
  • 0.84Pa Resolution
  • 14bit Data
  • 24bit delta-sigma ADC
  • 3.3v I2C interface
  • 5v power supply