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Pixhawk2 Digital Airspeed Sensor Kit

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NOTE: For use with Pixhawk2.1

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This is the complete digital airspeed sensor kit for use with PixHawk2. The sensor features a JST-GH connector and 3.3v I2C logic. Everything you need to get digital airspeed readings is included with this kit. Simply plug in the sensor, attach the pitot tube and fly.


  • Pixhawk2 Digital Airspeed Sensor
  • Pitot Tube
  • Silicone Tube
  • 15cm 4pin JST-GH Cable
  • Measurement Specialties 4525DO Pressure Sensor
  • 1psi Measurement Range
  • 0.84Pa Resolution
  • 14bit Data
  • 24bit delta-sigma ADC
  • 3.3v I2C interface
  • 5v power supply