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pingRX ADS-B Receiver

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ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) helps aircraft operators sense and avoid possible collisions. Used now primarily on manned aircraft, miniaturizing the equipment was essential to make it useable for small drones. pingRX measures 32mm x 15mm x 3mm, which is a fraction of the size of earlier units. The small footprint and extremely low weight of pingRX results in greatly enhanced situational awareness with almost zero impact on payload and performance.

  • Input Voltage: 4-6V
  • Power: 150mW
  • Size: 30x15x3mm
  • Weight 1.5 grams


  • MTL 1090MHz: -84dBm
    • Dynamic Range: -81 to 0dBm
  • MTL 978MHz: -93dBm
    • Dynamic Range: -90 to -3dBm


  • 1090MHz: 1/2W S/W disabled
  • 978MHz: 1/2W S/W disabled


  • MAVLink Serial 57600bps

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