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Mauch Power Switch

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This switch connects to any Power-Cube (V3) or Mauch 200A PDB and acts like an manual power on/off control. It isn’t just an simple on/off switch, there is a small PCB inline with the main wire which implements a current control mode.

The switch also has a 3D printed mount installed, which can be screwed down to the main frame. If the mount is not required, then it’s simple to remove by disconnecting the cables from the 6pin Molex connector housing, sliding the mount off and then reinserting the cables back into the connector housing. If under any circumstance the connector housing becomes damaged, there is a spare one¬†included with the package.


  • 1 x Power-Switch with integrated ABS mount and 200mm connection cable
  • 2 x M3x10mm mounting screws and nuts
  • 1 x Spare 6pin Molex connector housing


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