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FrSky Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 Transmitter Kit

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Warranty: 1 Year

Powerful RC transmitter for UAV and UGV featuring upgraded MCU, mainboard and data storage, this is suited for complex field operations. Receiver and battery included.

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This is a complete RC transmitter system that includes controller, receiver and battery.

The Taranis X9D Plus 2019 transmitter is a rugged re-designed of the original Taranis controllers from FrSky.

Built for complex field operations, the DX9 features additional ergonomically placed momentary buttons for DLG pilots to activate launch mode, a program scroll wheel easy menu navigation.

Enjoy increased computing capability and larger data storage with an upgraded MCU with a re-designed mainboard. The upgrades not only improve the running of LUA scripts, it also optimises overall performance like voice speech outputs.

This transmitter uses the latest ACCESS communications protocol from FrSky. The protocol features 24 channels with fast baud rate and low latency with a high-speed module digital interface. It includes the Spectrum analysis Function to the OpenTX firmware, and is able to check airwaves for RF noise.

This transmitter is installed with the upgraded switches and M9 hall sensor gimbals and features the addition of a PARA wireless trainer function which makes them compatible with the FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S.


  • Latest ACCESS communication protocol
  • Spectrum analysis function to identify RF noise
  • Ergonomic design with new button and scroll placement
  • Upgraded MCU and redesigned mainboard for improved functionality and increased data storage
  • M9 hall sensor gimbals
  • PARA wireless trainer function


  • Taranis DX9 2019 Plus SE 2019 with Latest ACCESS – EU
  • Back Strap
  • Eva Case
  • Archer RS receiver
  • 1x 900mAh LiPo Battery

Dimension: 200194110mm (LWH)

Weight: 700g (without battery)

Operating system: OpenTX

Number of channels: 24 channels

Internal RF module: ISRM-S-X9

Operating voltage range: 6.5 – 8.4V

Operating current: 130mA@8.2V (Typ)

Operating Temperature: -10℃ ~ 60℃ (14℉ ~ 140℉ )

Backlit LCD resolution: 212*64

Smart Port, Micro SD card slot and DSC Port

Mini USB interface: supports 2S Li-battery balancing charge

Model memories: 60 models (expandable by Micro SD card)

Compatibility: ACCST D16 and ACCESS receivers

Additional information

Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions32 × 26 × 12 cm