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Made in Taiwan
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The Pixhawk2 Cube is the worlds most advanced FMU/IMU stack for open autonoumous vehicles. It features the latest in 32bit STM processors along with vibration isolated and and heat controlled IMU’s.

It’s perfect for unmanned aerial vehicle OEM’s or integration into custom airframe designs.


  • Micro USB Port (for firmware upload and log file download)
  • Micro SD Card (for log file and terrain data storage)
  • 3 x IMU’s (one fixed, two vibration isolated and heat controlled)
  • 80pin DF17 interface connector


FMU Board

  • STM32F427 Rev 3 FMU Processor (Flight Management Unit)
  • STM32F100 I/O Processor with pass through capabilities for failsafe.
  • 1 x Fixed 10 Axis IMU;
    • MPU9250
      • 3-axis Accelerometer
      • 3-axis Gyro
      • 3-axis Magnetometer (Compass)
    • MS5611 Barometer

IMU Board

The IMU Board is vibration isolated and heat controlled.

  • 2 x 9DOF IMU’s;
    • MPU9250
      • 3-axis Accelerometer
      • 3-axis Gyro
      • 3-axis Magnetometer (Compass)
    • LSM303D
      • 3-axis Accelerometer
      • 3-axis Magnetometer (Compass)
    • L3GD20
      • 3-axis Gyro
  • 1 x MS5611 Barometer

80pin Connector

The 80pin DF17 connector is located on the base of the cube for easy integration into custom/OEM carrier boards.


The following connections are available on the 80pin connector;

  • 2 x CAN (pins are reserved for a 3rd CAN bus)
  • 2 x I2C
  • 5 x Serial (1 reserved for debug)
  • 2 x SWD Debug Ports
  • 2 x Power Input V+I
  • 1 x Analogue Input (one power input can be used as an analogue input if needed)
  • Buzzer (raw pwm)
  • Safety switch
  • 8 x PWM Out
    • (solder option for 3.3V or 5V levels, 3.3V default)
    • (opto drive capable – 10mA each)
  • 6 x AUX FMU connected I/O (PWM or alternate function)
  • Servo Rail I/O backup power (10.5v Max)
  • 2 x 5.4V Power Input Pins

All other pins are reserved (do not connect).

Schematics (on GitHub)

Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions4 × 2.5 × 4 cm