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Cube Orange

Manufacturing of the Cube Orange has paused and supply is limited. Check out the new Cube Orange+ instead!

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SKU: HX4-06160
Made in Taiwan
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The Orange Cube is everything you love about the original Black Cube, but with a few upgrades.

The Orange Cube maintains the triple redundancy, three gyro, three accelerometer setup, along with all other features of the Black Cube, and combines them with the faster H7 processor to bring you whole system up to the next level in performance.

The Orange Cube also now allows the user to select between 3.3V and 5V on the PWM output lines, giving you a more robust system for motor control.

With the help of flight software, Cube Orange can completely fly any remotely controlled aircraft, helicopter
or multi-rotor vehicle and become a more professional uav platform.

*Includes Cube mounting screws set

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Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions4 × 2.5 × 4 cm