Wireless Telemetry System.

AeroLink Base

2-Way Communication. Built Tough.

The AeroLink™ Base provides 2-way communication in a form-factor that makes it rugged enough for serious operations. With just one standard micro USB interface, you’ll be able to view flight data (position, altitude, battery remaining, etc.) and command your AeroDrone system.

Operate further than ever before.

Utilising best-in-class wireless telemetry hardware, the AeroLink system can provide a reliable comms link for over 5km. This can be increased to over 40km by simply changing antenna hardware. It’s never been easier to setup a professional long range comms link.

AeroLink RFD Adapter

Mount securely.

The AeroLink RFD Adapter Board allows you to simply and securely mount your RFD radio modem and use a standard 6 pin JST-GH cable to connect between the telemetry modem and a Cube Autopilot. As the JST-GH connector series uses a secure locking connection, this eliminates any possibility of the connector coming loose during flight.

PPM and External Power.

The AeroLink RFD Adapter Board also breaks out the new PPM pin on the RFD900x modems and allows you to power the modem from an external source (such as a UBEC). This allows you to easily connect PPM between your RFD900x modem and autopilot.

AeroLink Resellers

All over the world.