MAPIR MCC 20240208


New Features

Survey3 cameras use a Bayer color filter array (CFA) on the sensor that is interpolated into the 3 image channels. This debayering process can produce artifacts and incorrect pixel data, and is more apparent when zoomed in. There are many methods to debayering which can take different amounts of time, with longer methods typically producing better results.

With this MCC update we are adding a new debayering method that greatly reduces the artifacts seen in our previous workflow. By default it is enabled, so processing each image will now take a little longer, but the results will be better. You can disable the higher quality debayering in the Process settings window to speed up processing.

We have also improved the PPK algorithms so PPK-optimized results should be more accurate now.

Debayer Improvements

Previous (LEFT) – New (RIGHT)


Change Log:

– New debayering method reduces debayer artifacts (increases processing time)

– Improved PPK processing

– Improved Process tab logging system

– New pop-up window to select DAQ camera port when two exposure pulses detected

– New log feedback for which DAQ logs are used or not used for processing

– Additional checks to reject over/under exposed light sensor measurements

– Added new options to Process Tab settings menu:

– Apply PPK corrections (yes/no)

– Use high-quality debayering (slower) (yes/no)

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed memory issues when changing layers in Analyze tab

– Fixed issues with exporting images on Analyze tab

– Fixed issue with single channel filter models not being output as single channel images

– Error handling for case when DAQ log is empty or corrupt