Introducing the AeroDrone:Bolt – Frame Kit

AeroDrone Bolt - Frame Kit

After months of development, we can finally announce the newest addition to our AeroDrone series… The AeroDrone:Bolt – Frame Kit.

The Bolt – Frame Kit is our signature quadcopter drone frame kit. It is designed for quick assembly and easy repairs as you develop your own UAV system or fleet – and is available now for purchase!

Wanting to end the hassle of drone repairs for commercial, education and personal applications, our Melbourne team have set out to deliver a frame kit accompanied by the necessary support that will extend the life expectancy of your drone and fleet.

Spare Parts

Take advantage of our growing range of spares parts, replacement components and accessories available in our online store. No more getting stuck high and dry when things don’t go as planned!

We even give you a full list of parts needed to get a system in the air for those that are new to the drone world.

Bolt Frame Kit - all parts laid out

Completely Customisable

With the main body made of carbon-free FR4 plates, users are free to drill, tape, even bolt (pun intended) all and any accessories directly to the AeroDrone Bolt. We’ve even got you covered for small scale custom printing with our inhouse 3D Printing services – just reach out to the team to learn more!

Safe Storage

We’ve included our push-to-fold corner assemblies and T-motors directional motors for quick and simple collapsing of the system, making secure storage a breeze.

The Bolt is small but mighty – check out the full features list:

  • Quick Assembly
  • Pre-drilled PDB and Flight Controller mounting holes
  • Drillable FR4 Construction
  • Removable Top Plate for internal work/modification
  • T-Motor Motors, ESCs and Props
  • Two battery orientations


With 15 years of industry experience we know a thing or two about trouble shooting drones. You can trust our knowledgeable team to help find all types of answers when issues with your system arise or when you need a hand getting your latest “add-on” to work properly.

Our support makes the Bolt a great frame for beginners and experienced users alike.

A ready-to-fly version of the Bolt – Frame Kit, known as the AeroDrone: Thunder, is an available option with more information coming to the website soon. For now, contact Mark Bannenberg via email or phone 03 9007 0488 to learn more!

We love to see what you’re working on! Tag us on your socials @baskaerospace or use #baskbuild so we can share your work!