Drones rival nets for crop protection

Loss of production from bird damage is a major problem – we all know this.

The NSW Government estimates crop damage from birds amounts to nearly $300 million annually. With more than 60 species of birds known to damage crops, protecting your yield from birds can become an onerous task and lead to significant costs and losses for farmers.

Bird stealing crop from an apple orchard
Rainbow lorikeet stealing fruit from an apple tree

In 2020, a study from The University of Sydney found the effectiveness of drones can rival that of traditional netting practices in bird management.

The study, by Zihao Wang and his team, compared the efficacy of three methods of bird scaring; netting, visual scaring (reflectors) & drone flights designed around bird psychology. The study was conducted across three vineyards and compared the losses sustained in each study site. The findings showed that ‘drones incorporated with bird psychology’ are statistically as effective a method of crop protection as netting.

The study went on to say that drone technology that broadcasts distress signals that are specific to the pest species could be even more effective and that making drones autonomous in the future would save labour costs.

Avian Scout Drone flying in vineyard
Avian Scout drone flying in Vineyard

At Bask Aerospace we have made this solution accessible for commercial use.

Our AeroDrone:Avian Scout is a commercial drone package designed for bird scarring and crop protection for Australia’s agriculture industry. We provide growers with the technology and knowledge of ‘bird psychology’ to successfully implement drones into their own crop protection strategy.

With directed and consistent use of our drone, growers can essentially train birds to stay away from their property and crops.

The Avian Scout bird scarring solution is suitable for:

  • Fruit & nut orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Vegetable fields
  • Turf farms
  • Grain storage
  • And other situations where bird management is required.

Bird management is a key part of any crop protection strategy. Based on your specific situation some tools can be more effective than others (like drones, shooting and nets). A combination of techniques can build the strongest defence for your crops. 

You can learn more about how the AeroDrone:Avian Scout can work for you here.

If you interested in enquiring about the Avian Scout, contact us on 03 9007 0488 or at sales@baskaerospace.com.au