Bask Aerospace Rent-to-Buy & shelf stock Bird Scaring Drones ready to go

Bask Aerospace can service customers when you need it most. The company has invested in additional stock of rental fleet systems and shelf stock of Avian Scout Bird Scaring Drones so they are ready to protect your crops this summer.

The first round of rental systems are already in use by customers. Shelf stock of Avian Scout Drones have been quality tested, tuned and can be delivered within a week.

Bird scaring drone solution

Engineering Manager, Chris Wighton said, ‘We’ve spent a great deal of time in the field with our customers and it is clear, there is no substitute for being prepared when it comes to protecting your crops this summer.  A bumper crop can dwindle to barely breaking even if a flock of birds decides your crop looks too good to pass up.’

In response, Bask Aerospace has doubled the rental fleet and are able to offer more customers short lead times on Rent-to Buy drones. Growers can try the Avian Scout on their property and witness its effectiveness first hand. Wighton commented that ‘whilst drones can’t control the weather, they do a fantastic job at keeping birds away from crops.’ The Rent -to-Buy system can be booked for two, three or four week periods and rental fees are deducted from the final purchase.

Australian drones on shelf

All customers enjoy a tailored bird scaring solution. A trainer will review each property to determine how best to push birds away from sensitive areas, and provide instruction on how to get the best results from the drone.

Bask Aerospace has strengthened supply lines with partner companies and honed their product to focus on customer needs with an emphasis on short lead times. With the production of more AeroDrones and Avian Scout Bird Scaring Drones underway, the Bask team is excited to provide growers with sustainable bird management solutions.