Bask Aerospace wins a CubeGold!

Bask Aerospace has won a Golden Cube!

The CubePilot awards were given out at the CubePilot Virtual Conference 2020.

They went to:

  • Iron Man Award – Chief Miracle Director (Bask Aerospace – David)
  • Dead Poll Award – Best Community Contribution & Ace of Initiative (Ian)
  • Dr. Who Award – Best Digital Marketing (3DXR – Ben)

This may come as a surprise but, David Skinner (Bask Aerospace – CEO) had a stroke last year on 8th June 2019. He had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM for short) that ruptured during the night. He couldn’t walk, or move his right arm, or talk at the start of he’s rehab. He then had a 6-month recovery in hospital and went home at the start of December, 2019. He is doing much better lately and even goes for walks with his dog, Titan.

He said “I want to thank everyone for all they have done for me and my family at this time.” he went on to say “the CubePilot/Hex team and Bask Aerospace team have been amazing. Without them I know it wouldn’t have been possible to go on with Bask Aerospace.”

Remember, there are still five golden cubes up for grabs in the community!