AeroDrone MR4 Mk5 – Not long now…

This post is part of a regular production update to share news on the upcoming AeroDrone MR4 Mk5

The AeroDrone MR4 Mk5 multi-rotor system is still on its way, just a little later than we anticipated. With the global supply situation for electronics being quite dire due to COVID-19, we have had to adapt to these shortages to ensure we still get the quality demanded of Australian-Made products. As we await components and assemblies, we’d like to share what else has been going on to ensure the Mk5 is the best Australian-made multi-rotor system on the market.


Part of the redesign of the AeroDrone MR4 has been to reconsider what users want most from an open-source UAV – customisability. Our custom carrier board, the “AeroDrone Advanced Control Board”, has been built to allow for easy connection of a wide variety of peripherals and accessories. Cameras, LiDARs, proximity sensors, companion computers, GPS modules can all be adapted into the AeroDrone MR4 system with ease. The Advanced Control Board features Serial, CAN, I2C, Auxiliary, PPM Receiver, Spektrum Receiver, Power Take-Off, Analog-Digital Converter connections and more to allow for a highly flexible RPAS platform. We can’t wait to see what users do with this flexibility, and the wide range of use cases possible with open-source design.


Part of preparation for full production of the AeroDrone MR4 Mk5 has included preparation of a variety of assemblies and sub-assemblies as we navigate 2021’s logistics and supply chain troubles. Our production lead, Cameron, has been hard at work organising, producing, categorising and storing a variety of custom and complicated components to ensure the AeroDrone MR4 remains a quality Australian-made product.


Throughout production, we are still running our web store and supporting our customers wherever we can. Visit to explore our wide range of drone components and accessories, and don’t hesitate to contact us either via our phone number, (+613) 9007 0488, or email us if you have any queries about our listed products.

We will have further updates as soon as we have new PCBs to play with. In the meantime, if you’re interested in an Australian-Made adaptable drone platform please send your enquiries to
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