AeroDrone MR4 Mk5 – Development Update

This post is part of a regular production update to share news on the upcoming AeroDrone MR4 Mk5

With the development our Australian-made AeroDrone MR4 Mk5 entering the testing phase, it’s time for us to share our progress as we plan to transition into production. With this new update, we will be releasing our most customisable and easy-to-use drone platform yet. This also applies to our AvianScout bird-scaring platform, which will be more effective and easier to use than ever before.

It’s been a long time in R&D but the brains and power systems for the new AeroDrone series are taking shape and are starting to take flight. Our aim was to create an advanced board that can be catered for any scenario, and provide connectivity for a myriad of accessories. We have achieved this wth the Mk5 and can’t wait to show off it’s full potential.

The AeroDrone MR4 being reviewed
The AeroDrone FCB PCB being tested

With designs locked in for the new AeroDrone MR4 the production lines are firing back up to prepare stock for the upcoming beta release. This includes the production of our AvianScout bird-scaring solution, which will be based on the new Mk5 design and provide all the improvements that come with it.

AeroDrone MR4 booms being assembled

Finally, testing is underway as we put the Mk5 through its paces to ensure reliability and functionality. We are conducting a number of pre-flight and flight tests, and will be sharing some of these tests to showcase the Mk5 in action. Once we’re done, our aim is to have a system that flight ready and easy to use right out of the box.

Our engineering team doing load tests

Once the testing phase of the R&D process is complete, we’ll be preparing for release! In the meantime, if you’re interested in an Australian-made adaptable drone platform please send your enquiries to
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