HereLink – Digital Control, Telemetry and Video System

Today, at the ArduPilot Conference 2018 in Suzhou (China), Hex Technology release a game changing new drone product called HereLink.

HereLink is a Digital Telemetry, Control and Video Link system for drones that comprises of a tiny, light-weight onboard transmitter module which accepts both micro HDMI & mavlink inputs and, a beautifully designed remote control running open software with an integrated 5.4inch touch-screen.

Running two Cortex A53 quad-core processors and dedicated quad-core Mali GPU for video processing at each end of the link, the HereLink system is capable of 720p@30fps or 1080p@30/60fps. Using PineSync technology, developed by Pinecone (a Chinese SoC microprocessor company), HereLink can transmit data and video over a range of up to 20km (FCC Approved) or 12km (CE/SRRC Approved) with a latency of just ~110ms. Pretty impressive specs when you consider this product is earmarked for a RRP of under USD$1000.

We’re super excited by all the possibilities the HereLink system offers us and our customers. Stay tuned as more details are to follow shortly!

*** UPDATE: *** Find out more and join the waitlist on the HereLink Product Page