How to: Submit a warranty request claim (RMA)

If you’re having an issue with a product you’ve purchased from us and you’d like to send it back under warranty, you’ll need to submit a warranty request claim (also known as an RMA or “Return Material Authorisation”) before sending the item.


The warranty request form helps us understand exactly what your issue is and what items you’ll be returning to us so we know what to expect when your package arrives. When unknown packages arrive, it makes it hard for us to keep track of who it came from and what needs to be done. The warranty request form simply helps make that process simple and fast, allowing us to provide you with the best level of support possible.


Follow the five simple steps outlined below to request a warranty return;


If you’re not already logged in, click the “Login” link on the top right-hand side of the page and log in to your account using your username and password.

login-link-screenshot login-form-screenshot


Once you’re logged in you should be taken to the “Account” page. Here you’ll need to click on the “Orders” link.



Now you should see a list of all the orders you’ve placed. Find the order that relates to the item you’re having an issue with. Once found, click on the corresponding “Request Warranty” button.



You should be presented with a page listing all the items in that particular order. Identify the faulty item from the list and check to make sure it’s still under warranty. If not you’ll need to contact us directly for any further assistance, otherwise, select the corresponding checkbox on the left-hand side and click the “Request Warranty” button below all the items.



This is the final step. You should now see the “Warranty Request” Form. Fill in the form with as much detail and as accurately as possible then simply click the “Submit” button at the bottom to complete the warranty request.


That’s it! Don’t forget to post your item back to us, then you can sit back and relax, knowing we’re ready to help as soon as your item arrives.