A critical service bulletin has been released for all Cube Black units purchased between January 2019 to present. There is an ongoing investigation into the problem which may affect some of our customers who have recently purchased a Cube Black or Cube Standard Set during this time.

If you think this is you, please have a look at the service bulletin and check to make sure your aircraft doesn’t have the issue before flying. Further updates will be available on the service bulletin post. We will be staying up to date on what fixes need to be put in place and work with any customers affected by this issue.

If you do believe you’ve been affected by this, please contact us as at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Although we understand this may be frustrating for some customers we do commend Hex Technology, Ardupilot and all those involved for bringing these issues forward into the public domain and making everyone aware. It’s this sort of culture (which is prevalent in the aviation industry) that creates the safest outcomes for all involved and is a driving reason behind our continued support for and trust in products developed by Hex Technology and Ardupilot. Other companies and organisations in our industry are not so forthcoming.