AeroDrone MR4 Mk4


10 years of industry experience has created the 4th generation AeroDrone MR4 System.

The broad new set of features make the AeroDrone MR4 a highly capable aerial platform. Built with reliability and “ease of use” in mind, it’s been redesigned from the ground up around the Pixhawk2 open-source autopilot system. This advanced autopilot allows anyone to fly and use the system with minimal initial training and practice. PowerClip, our new battery connector, allows the operator to change batteries safely, easily and within seconds. The all new payload twist-lock clip also makes field-swapping payloads simple and, without the need for tools. The suite of off-the-shelf payload options have also been extended to include; gimbals and mapping mounts for RGB, NDVI and multispectral mapping that allows crop health analysis, yield mapping and stock pile estimation. Our new bird control payload also extends functionality to crop protection. With the possibility of a payload over 2kg or a flight time of over 30 minutes, the AeroDrone MR4 can help provide results no matter what the application. The AeroDrone MR4 also now has the ability to fold away for easy storage or transport and the optional custom designed rugged transport case keeps the system safe in tough conditions.

Using the world’s most advanced open-source autopilot system


The “Cube” Autopilot

An all new fully integrated design.

The AeroDrone MR4 Mk4 has been redesigned from the ground up. This all new design eliminates 95% of the cables used to connect everything together, making the system more reliable and easier to maintain than ever before.


Accuracy like never before.

Looking for a system with high accuracy RTK GPS? Look no further. We now give you the option to upgrade your AeroDrone MR4 to RTK for out of the box GPS accuracy down to 3cm or less. This survey grade addition allows you to capture data like never before, giving you the power to achieve industry standard results.


Wireless Telemetry Built-in

Wireless Data

The built-in AeroLink™ telemetry system allows you to remotely view and analyse flight data coming from the AeroDrone™ while in flight. Information such as GPS position, altitude and battery remaining are all relayed back to AeroCommand™ to help you ensure your flights are going to plan.

AeroLink™ Basestation

The AeroLink™ Basestation has been designed to be rugged and simple to use. Making it perfect for use out in the field where rain can sometimes be a factor.


Battery changes made easy.

Powerclip™ is a new battery connector we’ve designed specifically for drones. No more velcro. No more pesky plugs, just battery mounting, and connection made simple.

Twist and Done

Simple payload swapping

We’ve created a new twist-lock payload connector making it fast and easy to swap payloads.

The open design allows access for others to incorporate the connector into their designs.


Flight Time

Payload Weight

0 kg

AeroPower 5200mAh 14.8v Battery

0 mins*

AeroPower 8000mAh 14.8v Battery

0 mins* Max. Payload Limit Exceeded

* Flight time is an estimate based on real-world data captured during testing of our systems however, flight time will vary depending on a number of different environmental and operational conditions. Please use this as a guide only.

Storage and Transport

Rugged folding airframe

The AeroDrone MR4 conveniently folds away for easy transport.

Safe Transport

If you transport your equipment a lot we’ve designed a new rugged transport case just for you. It holds everything you need to fly in a trusted Pelican brand case along with a high-density foam insert which means you can rest easy knowing your AeroDrone and equipment is packed and safe.

Australian Made

Every aspect of the AeroDrone MR4 has been designed in Australia. We also assemble and test each system at our manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia.Wherever possible we use locally made or designed components and by leveraging the amazing array of Australian drone technology we’re able to create a product that’s built to last. Our goal is, and always will be, to become 100% Australian made.

We’ve got your back.


Each AeroDrone MR4 is backed by a one year warranty that covers you for any manufacturing defects that may occur. You can have peace of mind that we’ll take care of you should something go wrong.


Everyone needs some help in the beginning. That’s why we provide 30 days of phone support for each AeroDrone MR4 system. No matter what the question or problem is, we’re here to help.


An important part of any business is having the right insurance. Drones are no exception.

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