Bird Problems?

Bird damage is a huge problem around the world. In Australia, the total loss to horticultural production is estimated at over $300 million annually with a further $200 million spent on preventative measures. That's over half a billion dollars lost or spent in Australia on this issue each and every year. So you're not alone.




AeroDrone Avian Scout


Finally, a solution that actually works.

The AeroDrone Avian Scout is not just another gimmick. It's been proven in on-farm trials with a number of initial launch customers. They've absolutely loved this new system and we're now excited to bring it to you.

A work horse that flys.


The AeroDrone Avian Scout is a next-gen crop protection solution thats built tough and works hard. 

Protect Against

Crows, Cockatoos, Starlings, Rosellas, Parrots and more.

Flight Time

Fly for up to 25 minutes per battery.

Area Coverage

Protect areas up to 80ha (200ac) per flight


Operate in up to 30 knot winds and light rain

The sound of crop protection.

We've taken proven sonic bird deterrent technologies and adapted them for more effective use with our AeroDrone MR4 System.


Bird Scaring Payload

Screecher outputs a range of different sounds that work together to ensure birds are frightened away from the crop and off your property.

Bird Scarer - Front ISO

Knowingly Random.

The simple to use flight planning software allows you to easily generate random flight paths that protect against habituation.


Access anywhere. Cross-platform.

The best part is, you can do all this from just about any phone, tablet or PC.

Comparing Bird Control Measures

Using seven different KPIs we've comparied most of the current bird control methods against the AeroDrone Avian Scout. All current control measures have at least one major downside or questionable aspect.

The AeroDrone Avian Scout is the first bird control measure to present a simple, cost effective and proactive solution that's both environmentally and socially acceptable.

Control Option
Technically Possible
Does it Work
Practical for Growers
Environmentally Acceptable
Politically Acceptable
Socially Acceptable
Grow Different Crop

Grow a Decoy Crop

Introduce Predator/Disease

Change Harvest Date

Change Harvest Technique

Supply Alternate Food




Visual Deterrant

Acoustic Deterrant




AeroDrone Avian Scout

Keeping you on track.

We pride ourselves on providing industry-leading training and support for all our products.

Onsite Training

We can provide onsite training for groups or individuals to learn how to operate the AeroDrone Avian Scout.

1Yr Warranty

Every AeroDrone Avian Scout comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Phone Support

To help get you flying, we provide 30 days free phone support with each AeroDrone Avian Scout.

Start protecting today!

Our range of starting options allow you to decide what comes next.



Still not completely convinced an AeroDrone Avian Scout is right for you? Why not trial one and find out for yourself.



If you'd prefer to just hire a system for a few months, we offer competitive rates to help you get rid of those pesky birds.




Owning your own AeroDrone Avian Scout means you'll always have it ready to fly, whenever you need.

Take the first step towards crop protection