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Standard (RGB) or multi-spectral (NDVI, NDRE) imaging has long been a staple of the agricultural industry. For many years satellite imagery has provided a backbone for agronomists and farmers alike to gain insight into the health of a crop. The AeroDrone:Mapper now provides a real-time, cloud independant way to efficiently and effectively capture images. Helping maximising farm output while minimising farm input.

S100 Camera Mount
A5000 Camera Mount

Survey3 Camera

Small package. Big features.

  • 12MP RAW+JPG​
  • Automatic GPS-Tagging
  • PWM Shutter Triggering
  • USB Media Management

Two Lens Options


41° HFOV
2.3cm/px GSD
from 120m (~400 ft) AGL


87° HFOV
5.5cm/px GSD
from 120m (~400 ft) AGL

Different Filters

For all circumstances.

Spot on.

Easily Calibrate Images

Laboratory measured, professional grade reflectance targets provide auto-calibration in post processing.

Multi-spectral Photography

Geospatial. Plant Health.

Geospatial Plant Health

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"The AeroDrone MR4 Mk4 has exceeded my expectations in that it is just so easy to load a mission and launch, and when the mission is completed it returns and lands itself."
Noel Sharrock - CEO
Precision Ag Consulting Services

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Onsite Training

We can provide onsite training for groups or individuals to learn how to operate the AeroDrone Avian Scout.

One Year Warranty

Every AeroDrone Avian Scout comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.

Phone Support

To help get you flying, we provide 30 days free phone support with each AeroDrone Avian Scout.

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