AeroDrone MR4 Mk3

More capable, more reliable, more everything.

Flight Modes

MR4 has a range of flight modes (Stabilize, Altitude Hold, Position Hold, Loiter, Auto, etc.) that vary the level of automatic control. This gives you control, reduces workload, and puts flight within reach of even the most novice pilots.

Fully Autonomous

Use a laptop (Mac, PC or Linux) or Android tablet to easily plan and execute waypoint based missions. With configurable waypoint actions, you can automatically take photos or set a region of interest (ROI) for your MR4 to follow.

Return Home Safe

If you’re ever in trouble, lose visual orientation, or want to recover the system automatically, the return home function allows you to bring your MR4 safely back to the point of take-off. It’s as easy as flipping a switch.

Wireless Telemetry

Setup, monitor and control your MR4 using the included wireless telemetry system (915MHz or 433MHz). With a range of 1-2km, you’ll always be connected and receiving data.

World-class Ground Control Software


Simple point-and-click waypoint mission planning.

The APM Mission Planner enables point-and-click waypoint mission planning with an easy to use Google Maps interface. This allows simple or complex waypoint action based missions (such as triggering a camera) to be created effortlessly. The Mission Planner can also be used to configure the autopilot settings, and provides downloadable system log files for flight analysis or geotagging of images.

APM Mission Planner only runs on Windows. If you would like to run your GCS on a Mac or Linux based PC, then APM Planner is for you. It incorporates many of the same features as APM Mission Planner but is a cross-platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) GCS solution.

Powerful Aerial Imaging/Surveying Tools

Using an AeroDrone for Aerial Imaging or Surveying is made simple with the powerful mission planning tools available in both Mission Planner and APM Planner as well as on Droid Planner. Watch this video and see just how easy and powerful these mission planning tools are.

Incredible Payload Capabilities

It’s more than just weight. You need space too.

The MR4 has been designed to carry a payload of up to 500 grams, which can be placed underneath the platform, without compromising stability. Sometimes it’s not just about weight. The MR4 undercarriage provides over 150 mm of ground clearance, helping to accommodate many different size payloads.


Our range of AeroGimbals are made for plug-and-play operation with MR4, transforming this high-performance UAV into an advanced photography/videography system. They’re designed to carry a wide range of cameras from GoPro to DSLR and, together with our selection of video transmitters and receivers, the MR4 becomes the perfect “eye in the sky”.


Amazing Endurance

More time in the air.

The MR4 has incredible power and outstanding endurance, making it capable of flight for up to 20 minutes in real-world operating conditions. Flight performance is also exceptional in windy conditions, where gusts of up to 20 knots are present.







Hard Protective Cover

It’s not just for looks. It’s strong too.

The impact and weather resistant ABS cover is a protective shield for the sensitive electronics within the core of the MR4, while the sleek modern form-factor creates an aesthetically pleasing and professional finish to the system.


Efficiently Robust

Built to last without compromising performance

The materials used to build the AeroDrone MR4 have been carefully selected for low weight, high strength and, corrosion resistant properties. The core plates are made from high impact-resistance UV stabilised polycarbonate sheet. Each boom is made from wear resistant anodised aluminium alloy or light-weight carbon fibre, bonded together with high-quality 3D printed ABS mounts at both ends. All of these components are held together using stainless steel bolts that are strong and won’t rust. You really need to see and hold an AeroDrone to truly understand how well it’s built.

Simple to repair

Maintenance has had a complete overhaul.

When designing the MR4, we wanted to make it easy to maintain. This helps ensure the system remains reliable and always operates safely. We focused our attention on the most complex part, the power system, and completely redesigned the Power Distribution Board (PDB). The new PDB accommodates a Power Module for onboard voltage and current sensing. Two auxiliary power output ports can be used to power accessories like camera gimbals or video capture and transmission devices. ESCs are now soldered direct to the PDB, eliminating wired connections, keeping it simple and easy to maintain; block terminals provide hassle free brushless motor connection points.


Environmentally Friendly

The MR4 is great for you and the environment.

The MR4’s frame is made out of fully recyclable materials such as; Polycarbonate, ABS Plastic, and Aluminium Alloy, reducing the environmental impact of the product over its lifetime. In addition, the MR4 (like most quadrotors) is operated with rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries minimizing the carbon footprint of the product.


Autopilot hardware

ArduPilot Mega (APM) 2.6
– A proven and stable open-source autopilot


uBlox GPS with integrated compass (magnetometer)


Spektrum DX8
– 8 Channel 2.4GHz RC Transmitter and Receiver


3DR Radio (915mHz or 433mHz)


Two 11 x 4.7 normal-rotation
Two 11 x 4.7 reverse-rotation

(Optional upgrade to 15×5.5 Carbon Fiber Propellers)


Four AeroDrone 880kV Brushless Motors


Integrated Sonar and FPV Camera mounts
(Sonar and FPV Camera not included)


One 3-cell 11.1 V 5.0 Ah lithium polymer (LiPo) with XT-60 connectors.

Maximum payload

500 g (1.1 lb) payload capacity
(AeroGimbal X2G with GoPro)

Flight time

Up to 20 minutes


290 mm

Motor-to-motor Dimension

590 mm


1100 g (without Battery)
1500g (with Battery)
2000g (MTOW)